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global health paradigm has experienced significant stress and pressure from epidemics, war and violence, climate change and resource challenges.

These stressors may lead to increased morbidity and mortality, in turn requiring medical professionals to play a larger role in global health action across borders.

This allows users to see where the information has come from, judge the credibility of the source, and pursue further research if necessary.

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This challenge is exacerbated by the absence of no clear global health governance structures that can help cushion these shocks.

Global institutional capacity may be stalled and best practices promoting evidenced-based policy may be lacking, leaving the venue of global health projects and programming at risk of fragility and failure [].

In the academic year 2014-2015, an English-speaking international medical school promoted a global health forum with pre-course readings and a pre-attendance quiz.

All students from the university were invited to attend and the event was not mandatory.

The scale of such crises may leave major response efforts scrambling in a bid to respond to violence and disease.

Reduced resilience to these shocks and increasing crises challenges global health actors and stakeholders in their mandate to provide best practices for all [].

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    Other people will tell you harrowing stories about what happened to their families during the holocaust; my family, well, we read about it in the Times. Oh, I mean I'm Jewish enough that the Nazis would kill me, but frankly, that's not especially Jewish. My first worry was that the women I'd meet on J-Date would be looking for the sort of man who wears a yarmulke, asks "Meat or Dairy? Well, readers, I decided to steer a middle path - date all the girls, and then write it up counting all three dates as one. J-Date (or, at least the corner of J-Date I was in), is full of bright stylish young professionals, and the first lady was no exception.

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