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Most participants selected the Phone/Web program (113,019/141,429, 79.91%).After enrollment in Web services, Web-Only were more likely to log in compared to Phone/Web (21,832/28,410, 76.85% vs 23,920/56,892, 42.04%; PThis paper adds to our understanding of who selects different cessation treatment modalities and how they engage with the program in a real-world setting.

Per our Legal Consultant this sign will be posted on the front door along with the No Smoking Sign and throughout the post - WARNING - Persons who Provide Beer or Wine Coolers to Teenagers/Children under the age of 21 will be reported to the Sherriff Department for Prosecution. We, the people in charge of the Antlers VFW Saturday Night Dance had a small meeting this AM. The band has been informed to lower the loudness of the music (they will try although they need to get the right amps in to do so).

For each state, registrants were only included from the timeframe in which both programs were offered to all enrollees.

Utilization data were limited to site interactions occurring within 6 months after registration.

On behalf of the VFW band we'd like to announce that your song requests are always welcome!

We honestly try to play a wide variety of music that everyone will enjoy, from golden oldies right up to more recent country involvement and healthy benefits too !

That equipment up there is expensive so unless you have permission from Bill Massingill to mount the stage you are not allowed up there.

So bring your own Boom Boxes or what ever you play your music with if you want to play the line dances.

Us younger generation/conflict Veterans aren't as welcomed, not given much leadership or mentorship, and the females are given an Auxiliary application without even a consideration that SHE serves/served too!

With that being said, I clearly understand why most don't care to pursue civic involvement with that kind of treatment !

This paper describes the characteristics, Web utilization patterns, and return rates of tobacco users who self-selected into a Web-based (Web-Only) versus integrated phone/Web (Phone/Web) cessation program.

We examined the demographics, baseline tobacco use, Web utilization patterns, and return rates of 141,429 adult tobacco users who self-selected into a Web-Only or integrated Phone/Web cessation program through 1 of 10 state quitlines from August 2012 through July 2013.

As for young people drinking Beer or wine coolers, I will be going to each table that an individual who purchases beer or wine coolers to insure everyone drinking is of legal age (so bring your ID cards folks).

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