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Columbus Day celebrates 15th century explorer Christopher Columbus's arrival in America in 1492.

Many businesses and shops are open in states that don't have Columbus Day as a public holiday.Columbus day is a public holiday in many parts of the United states, but is not a day off in some states.Some government offices are closed because Columbus Day is still a federal government holiday.Christopher Columbus is often portrayed as the first European to sail to the Americas.He is sometimes portrayed as the discoverer of the New World. There is evidence that the first Europeans to sail across the Atlantic were Viking explorers from Scandinavia.The first state-wide celebration was held in Colorado in 1907.

In 1937, Columbus Day become a holiday across the United States.

Many celebrations happen in the Italian-American community.

The celebrations in New York and San Francisco are particularly noteworthy.

Some Americans celebrate the anniversary of the discovery of their country with church services and other activities.

In some towns and cities, special church services, parades and large events are held.

Since 1971, it has been celebrated on the second Monday in October.