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At the CES Unveiled event in Prague last week, unveiled what they described as the first hack-proof router designed to protect home networks and devices against cyber-threats.However, while most users would run an antivirus on their computers and phones, few would bother to think about the vulnerabilities of their smart gadgets.Manufacturers usually pay little attention to the problem either.The Friday attack was carried out via hacked web cameras.I would still have been a sex addict without the Internet, but it’s hard for me to picture because those two tweaky compulsions are so tightly wrapped together for me.The Friday attack, which affected Airbnb, the Verge, Reddit and Amazon among others, exploited vulnerabilities in devices made by Chinese firm Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology.

The firm issued a recall of products sold in the USA, but said the issue was mostly due to users not changing default passwords. Since industry giants have experienced them, Xiongmai is not afraid to experience them once, too,” the company statement said.

Reuters described the attack as “a stunning breach of global internet stability” and said it alarmed cyber security experts, as it represents the first case when simpler connected devices including webcams and digital recorders have been used to perform such a high-profile attack.

Cyber security experts have been complaining for years about vulnerabilities of IOT devices, smart home technology and the lack of manufacturers’ concern, but until Friday, the issue had been outside the mainstream debate.

A major cyber-attack that used hacked web cameras and shut down high-profile websites including Twitter, Spotify and Pay Pal on Friday, has stirred the debate about cyber security of the Internet of Things (IOT) and smart home technology.

The 'denial of service' attack, which affected users on the US-east coast and in Europe, primarily targeted the US domain registration service and infrastructure provider Dyn.

“If you look at an average router you can buy from a shop, it comes with firmware that is not designed to ever be updated,” explained CEO Ondrej Filip.

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