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But it is the triplets who are very much the stars of this book and it is testament to Toon’s vision and skill as a storyteller that she pulls this off so brilliantly. (JC) When Amber's father has a stroke, she leaves behind her husband, Ned, in London and flies home to South Australia.There she meets back up with her old friend, winemaker Ethan.

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But will Johnny be interested in getting to know the fifteen-year-old daughter he didn't know existed now he has a new family? Paige Toon's first foray into young adult territory proves to be a winner.

At the age of seventeen, identical triplets Phoebe, Rose and Eliza discover that DNA is not all they share, when Angus Templeton moves in next door and all three of them fall in love with him.

But there’s only one Angus, so Phoebe, Rose and Eliza know they can’t all have him, at least not permanently.

Bronte has a bit of an unfulfilled life working as a picture editor at a magazine and spending her spare time with her flatmate Bridget.

With a keen eye for photography, Bronte is roped in by Rachel, a wedding photographer, when Rachel's assistant is ill.

Although I was surprised Doris' search for Amber was only a minimal part of the storyline, the book's real strength lies instead with Amber's relationships - with her stepmum Liz and the men in her life - her father, Ethan and Ned.

Toon does a fantastic job of altering readers' perspectives of these characters along the way.But when an old one-night stand, Alex, turns up on the scene (who Bronte hasn't really ever got over) and begins to become a more lasting feature in her life, Bronte has to rethink everything she has ever thought about love, marriage and commitment.It was a pleasure to be back in Paige's world with her characters, her writing and her sublime plots and, I know I say this every year, but Thirteen Weddings is her best book by far - very emotional and addictive.The characters go on such a journey and interact so perfectly together that you can't help but become emotionally attached to every single one and I was hooked right from the start.This book has an almost love triangle feel to it and, much like Johnny and Christian in Johnny Be Good, you just cannot choose between either man - you want both of them to win the heart of the heroine.There was a sense in which the romantic outcome was somewhat signposted but there were no signposts at all for the twist at the heart of the book.

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