Bsd updating binary packages

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The Yocto Project is an open-source collaboration project focused on embedded Linux development.

Regardless of the type of image you are using, you need to download the pre-built kernel that you will boot in the QEMU emulator and then download and extract the target root filesystem for your target machine’s architecture.You can find enough information to set up your development host and build or use images for hardware supported by the Yocto Project by reading the Yocto Project Quick Start.The remainder of this chapter summarizes what is in the Yocto Project Quick Start and provides some higher-level concepts you might want to consider.By default, using the Yocto Project creates a Poky distribution.While the Yocto Project does not provide a strict testing framework, it does provide or generate for you artifacts that let you perform target-level and emulated testing and debugging.The Yocto Project provides various ancillary tools for the embedded developer and also features the Sato reference User Interface, which is optimized for stylus-driven, low-resolution screens.

You can use the Open Embedded build system, which uses Bit Bake, to develop complete Linux images and associated user-space applications for architectures based on ARM, MIPS, Power PC, x86 and x86-64.

Because much of the information in this manual is general, it contains many references to other sources where you can find more detail.

For example, you can find detailed information on Git, repositories, and open source in general in many places on the Internet.

To do this, you need to be able to access the appropriate cross-toolchain tarball for the architecture on which you are developing.

If you are using an SDK type image, the image ships with the complete toolchain native to the architecture.

Additionally, if you are an The build process creates an entire Linux distribution, including the toolchain, from source.

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