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For women, blind dates can be stressful -- and not because we don't know what to wear.

Comme elle est chaude cette pétasse, elle se laisse prendre au jeu et suce la bite de l'un pendant que l'autre lui met des doigts dans sa chatte poilue.

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But alas, it seems ''le blind date'' has recently been spotted right here in Cupid's back yard.

They call it Anglo-Saxon, except over here they pronounce it Anglo-Sax OWN.

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“I foolishly made an error up there..should've read, "...wherein [YOU] eat to [YOUR] hearts'content..." - I'll just have a sandwich or something while you eat tonsa stuff 'cause NO ONE wants to see a guy do THAT, right?

They have chestnuts in blossom, little dogs, strong cigarettes.

The fuss was about the appearance in Paris of several matchmaking agencies that specialize in a hyper-aggressive form of blind dating known as speed dating.

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    Swimsuit Issue cover girl, fronting the annual February offering to the bikini-bod gods in a Day-Glo, barely there fuchsia suit while kneeling in the sand on some beach. Anyway, now that Shayk has reached the pinnacle of swimsuit-modeldom, it's only right we share some need-to-know information about her...1.