Consolidating accessing analyzing unstructured data

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Consolidating accessing analyzing unstructured data - 2 years dating before marriage

The next two posts explain why these problems increase in complexity, as external data sources are added, and how new approaches help to solve them.Data from diverse sources have different structures that make it difficult to connect and map data types together, even data from internal sources.

Search across farms, including hybrid Share Point Server and Share Pont Online scenarios.Not only is this approach inefficient, but it also fails when applied at scale, handles edge cases poorly, can result in a large number of duplicate records, and often merges many records that should not be combined.A better approach is to combine internal data sources using a source-agnostic method that includes a flexible, entity resolution model, which allows new sources to be added easily using a statistically sound repeatable process.Automatically map data-level permissions to users and see precisely what a particular user, set of users or group can access.Perform a custodian search and analyze in place a single result set that spans multiple data repositories.This post is the first in a three-part series that explains the issues organizations face, as they attempt to analyze different data sources and types within Hadoop, and how to resolve these challenges.

Today’s post focuses on the problems that occur when combining multiple internal sources.

Strengthen existing e Discovery investments to reduce risks and costs in litigation with better early scope assessment and targeted collection.

Discover the Share Point Farms, file servers and file shares that exist across one or multiple domains to automate key data mapping efforts.

These experts typically use Pig or Java to write hard and fast rules that determine how to combine structured data from specific sources, e.g. Once a script for two sources has been written, if a third source needs to be added, the first script has to be thrown away and a new script designed to combine three specific sources.

The same thing happens if another source is added and so on.

Characterize data at the onset of litigation in a clear, inexpensive way.

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