Dating a emo

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Dating a emo

As our senior year was coming to a close, he asked me to go to college with him – the big school where he'd study criminal justice.

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Sign up to find gothic, punk & emo friends for fun and more.Why not join up to meet goths, punks and rockers who share your ideas on the darker side of life. Also please visit our sponsors TIME*BOMB for Goth Punk Rock 'n Roll Clothing and Accessories.I look up from my desk and see the cutest guy in my junior Algebra class staring at me.I wanted to bring our relationship out into the open, because what were we hiding from anyway?So one day I got the courage to ask if I could wear his jersey to the basketball game that night.He said we could be together there, just he and I, and even though he didn't admit it, I knew it was because we'd be far away from the high school friends he cared about more than me. I turned down the school visit he'd set up for me and when he started talking about marrying me after college, I had to face the fact that he was saying anything he could to string me along – and I wasn't falling for it anymore.

I wasn't going to change my plans for him – I'd already decided on the school I'd attend and I wasn't going to base the biggest decision of my life on his insecurities. We both started dating other people in college, but we stayed close friends.

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We know there's a lot of you out there that don't fit into the stereotypical dating demographic and that's exactly why we created Goth Punk Scene, to give goths, punks, rockers, emos, vamps plus rockabilly & tattooed dating singles the chance to find love, friendship, romance or even just a "No Strings Attached" good time;) We know that you'll feel welcome here, surrounded by like-minded others who don't fit into the traditional dating mould.

It wasn't a big deal, after all – at our school all the girls wore team jerseys and it rarely meant they were dating the guy. An hour before tip off, his best friend somehow got wind of our plans to hang out.

He agreed, then asked if I wanted to come over after the game. He instantly called to cancel and told me it wasn't "a good idea" for me to wear his jersey.

I wear black eyeshadow and shop at Hot Topic, and I spend most nights sitting in detention reading my Until we started talking my junior year, he only dated blondes.

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