Dating boker knives

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Dating boker knives

So, it may be time to have a conversation from a dealer perspective on what generally can / can not be expected from the different brands.

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Some of the bigger name dealers at the time had signed on and were doing very well with this new brand.With a long time customer and friend, Ken Daniels, the adventure began in the fall of the year.By the end of 2006, Great Eastern Cutlery had around 10 employees and had collected a treasure trove of old American machinery to fulfill their objective.Many parts were stamped and components being readied for a spring 2007 debut of the new American cutlery kid on the block.First Quarter 2007 saw the first components assembled into two patterns and ready to see what the market would decide.Since there were a few extra parts produced for anticipated flaws, there were some non-serialized variants made from these parts at the end of production.

Thus, this is one situation where documented non-serialized models were very rare birds and highly sought after.So distributors quickly had to improvise their own unique identifiers for reference when selling these 2006 Great Eastern knives.Transition knives: At the end of 2006 production there were some blade sets left over.Because for each frame/brand run of 250, there may be only a handful of overruns.These 2006 models were shipped in the tubes like you see today, but no COA.But with the two most popular Remington patterns of old being the 11, which were of similar shape/size, I think we can at least feel comfortable in understanding the simple numbering of the first two patterns at least.

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