Dating nsa

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Dating nsa

“Any couple has the opportunity to spy with today’s technology,” said Dunne, 28.“I know couples who have GPS on each other’s phones so they know where each of them is at all times.

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The agents advise both Daisy, who is involved with Chuck (Scott Clay), and Dan (Casey May), who is dating Alana (Laura Spires).Her recent project THMOTES involved sending strangers music scores over Snapchat and seeing what they sent back.Walshe and Herndon’s work might seem pretty different, but both of them are on the vanguard of what the art world has been calling “post-internet” as of late." Set in an unidentified American city, the play takes place in a room in which the audience is watching a presentation by two agents of the National Security Agency offering surveillance tapes and advice to members of two couples.“Their talk is a promotional effort to make the NSA seem more warm and cuddly,” actor Scott Douglas Wilson said. “He’s almost a cartoonish take on a strait-laced federal agent, like Robert Stack in the 'Airplane' movies,” said Wilson, an Otterbein University graduate.“Daisy earnestly wants to have a normal love life, engagement and marriage,” said Rex, 26.

Daisy chose Chuck as a partner because of the agents’ advice.

Imagine a future in which a government agency spies on its citizens to shape their love lives.

Playwright Don Zolidis creates such a scenario in “The NSA's Guide to Sex and Love.” Mad Lab Theatre will present the world premiere, which will preview tonight and open Friday at its Downtown performing space.

Today, it’s so easy to do that with all the Facebook connections, contacts and smartphones." Alanna G.

Rex (a stage name for Alanna Gibson) is making her Mad Lab debut as Daisy.

“They talk as if they’re just here to help, but they also have snarky asides,” Dunne said.