Dating scams south africa

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Dating scams south africa

That month agents from Homeland Security Investigations in Mississippi started investigating a case of fraud, after a woman reported falling victim to a so-called “sweetheart scam”.

To create the scam, the syndicate is alleged to have first bought personal identifying information, stolen credit card numbers and banking information from hackers operating on “underground forums”.

Cape Town - The South Africa-based members of a global internet crime syndicate are suspected to have defrauded hundreds of US internet users out of millions of dollars by ensnaring them in a complex web of scams, even carrying out long-term fictitious online romantic relationships with their unsuspecting victims.

The syndicate reportedly created scores of fake profiles on dating sites and set up hundreds of fake e-mail accounts to convince people they met online to ship electronic goods or wire money to their bank accounts in Pretoria.

The goods would then be resold, and the money withdrawn from bank accounts.

In total, the syndicate may have tricked hundreds of US victims into becoming their unwitting accomplices, according to a 33-page indictment filed in a US federal court, which alleges that nine Nigerians and one South African arrested by the Hawks were part of a “transnational organised crime enterprise” spanning South Africa, Nigeria, the US and Canada.

After investigating, US agents discovered the package had been bought using stolen personal identity information and fraudulent credit card information of US citizens.

The more they investigated, the more they uncovered.A particular form of Internet based con job is that of using a seemingly plausible story involving large amounts of money, which the sender promises to someone who helps them out.Initially it involves the recipient sending a bit of their own money to the fraudster.You may also email such relevant data to if you prefer to do it that way.The South African Police Service maintains a 419 Scams/Nigerian Letters Alert on their website here.Internet sites where hackers sell data to the highest bidder, exist mostly on the darkweb, a “walled off” section of the internet only accessible with special software that hides a user’s identity.

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