Dating someone who is not out of the closet

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Dating someone who is not out of the closet - egypt dating love site com

You'll probably be asked for a photo, and I know that can be nerve-wracking, but you can usually get away with using a medium shot, and by selecting one that looks a bit odd.That can give you a bit of "deniability" if you're worried somebody will recognize you.

And closeted guys are more apt to be the quiet ones, checking out what OTHER people are offering, and only responding to those that they feel might be "safe".Lex First of all I'm really sorry about making you edit my post - I should have been more careful. I'm in the US now and hence have no reason for being anxious about people's reactions.But I am more concerned about what my parents will have to face once word is out.Then, spell out specifically what you're looking for."Gay male, age X, Bay Area, not out of the closet yet. Looking for another gay man, closeted preferred, or at the very least extremely discreet.I don't want them to face harassment on my account.

So I'd like to at least try being closeted for sometime and see if I can find my happiness without disrupting the peace of my family.

But know that being out simplifies things something fierce. I did elaborate on my status and what I'm looking for on the dating websites and do have a partial-face photo as well But you are right.

Instead of desperately looking for a closeted dating site, or worrying that each guy might tip your hand, you can just go date, y'know? It has to be me that contacts people rather than wait around. But I come from a country/culture where it is still very hard for gay people to be accepted.

Definitely not interested in hooking up - I definitely want to date and see if something develops." In addition, at the risk of venturing into waters you might not want to go, is there a specific reason why you "can't really come out" yet?

I mean, it's certainly not because you're in a homophobic area.

In addition, meeting people via the web is a very hit-and-miss endeavor in any event, and closeted guys might feel they have a lot more to lose than out guys. First off, there's nothing wrong with using a standard dating site.

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    You’re not pushing insurance policies or double glazing over the phone, but you need to sell yourself - and it’s surprisingly easy to do. It’s a trick that works for people selling double glazing and it can work for you. If you go in thinking “this is never going to work,” it will come out in the conversation, so think positive and believe it’s all going to work out.

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    Just press Next- Join someone to do a public live video stream.

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    When you use online sites you never know who you are really talking to as their picture can be of anyone.