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BEC scams can also target enterprises and organizations for personally identifiable information and financial data deemed valuable enough to be sold to online black markets.

According to reports, the incident occurred last January and involved a fake email that impersonated its then CEO Walter Stephan, conning one of FACC’s financial department employee into wiring 50 million euros that was supposedly for one of the company’s acquisition projects.

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FACC, realizing that they were tricked, adopted countermeasures and was able to stop the transfer of 10.9 million euros on the recipient accounts.

The rest of the money, however, has already disappeared in Slovakia and Asia. ] FACC’s case is a classic example of a type of BEC known as ‘CEO Fraud’ where fraudsters pretend to be high-level executives (CEO, CFO, president, senior manager, etc.) or a representative claiming to be handling critical and confidential information.

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Using email content that can appear legitimate and create a sense of urgency, they instruct the recipient—typically an employee that handles the company’s finances—to conduct a wire transfer to a bank account they control.

And contrary to usual phishing attacks that are emailed en masse, BEC scams are socially engineered and more targeted to avoid being detected as spam.

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