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During her time at Mossad, Ziva met and befriended Michael Rivkin who in turn became Ziva's partner and boyfriend for some time with the two presumably working on missions together.Ziva made her debut appearance in the NCIS Season 3 episode Kill Ari Part 1 (episode) when Mossad sent her to Washington D. and to NCIS following the murder of Special Agent Caitlin Todd by Ari Haswari, who had gone rogue from Mossad.

Two years later in September 2011, Ziva's tenure as a Probationary Agent came to an end and she was promoted to a full-time field Agent and also became an official NCIS Special Agent.

It was later revealed that Jenny had created the position and that she had assigned Ziva, believing that Ziva could learn from Gibbs although Gibbs was fiercely against the idea.

Ziva later proved her loyalty when she saved herself and Ducky from a doctor who was attempting to kill them and as such, officially became Di Nozzo's third partner while finally gaining the right to claim the locker and desk that had originally belonged to Kate as her own.

this is actually the first fanfiction I ever wrote, and about the first OTP I ever had.

It was first published on wattpad, but now that I finished it two years later, I decided to edit it and feature it on AO3 as well.

Getting blown up, thinking you're fine, and then looking down and seeing a hunk of glass sticking out of your body is one of those things. Funny thing was, Tony's version was closer to the truth.

When Tony let it slip that he was visiting a therapist, he knew Mc Gee didn't believe his excuse and knew exactly where the Probie's mind had gone.In May 2013, when Gibbs was being investigated by the Department of Defense, Ziva along with her colleagues, fellow NCIS agents Anthony Di Nozzo and Timothy Mc Gee chose to resign to protect Gibbs.After news came of a new terrorist group called the Brotherhood of Doubt who were targeting the main NCIS team, Ziva was forced to go into hiding which she did by heading back to her native Israel, essentially resulting in her severing any and all ties as a citizen of the United States and despite Di Nozzo's efforts to convince her to return to the United States with him, Ziva ultimately refused and opted to stay in Israel.In Kill Ari Part 2 (episode), Ziva took matters into her own hands and attempted to move Ari out of the United States, presumably to protect him from Gibbs who was seeking revenge for Kate's death, even employing a courier to do but Tony witnessed everything and later informed Gibbs of the development.However, when she was later confronted with the damning evidence, she finally realized the truth and was personally responsible for killing Ari, saving Gibbs's life in the process while also revealing that Ari was her half-brother.As a Mossad operative, Ziva became highly valued for her skills which presumably included assassination and hand-to-hand combat.