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You may receive an extra creative boost from the cosmos today, and it's wise to allow your imagination to guide your lifestyle choices.You're typically not one to blend into the crowd, but now...

By porting its established security tools onto a powerful dual-core hardware platform, Smooth Wall has come up with a highly effective and very scalable appliance that will appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers.

We look at some of the key technology numbers behind the Rio events.

From improved connectivity to skills creation, we look into some of the technology benefits that Games host city Rio de Janeiro - as well as all of Brazil - will retain after the sporting competitions end.

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A senior intelligence official said Wednesday there is 'a high level of confidence' the Russian president personally interfered in the U. Actions city council asked them to do A state court judge ruled Tuesday that all of the state's electors to the Electoral College must vote for the Democratic candidate for present or lose their roles.It's a sunshiny day when everyone seems to give you a friendly smile.You're no stranger to being popular, but you could end up engaging in some romantic intrigue today. There's a sentimental feeling lingering in the air today, but you may feel like true affection is nowhere to be found.However, users of Windows Vista may find Desktop Maestro being blocked by User Account Control.Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8 provides flexibility when creating desktop and laptop backups.Ad-Aware failed to detect half of the test spyware, and unlike nine out of the 10 other antispyware apps we reviewed in December 2007, left behind traces for all but one spyware.