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But the number of people over 50 with AIDS has jumped dramatically, from 16,300 in 1995 to more than 100,000 today.Some people contracted the virus while younger, but there are almost 8000 new cases each year.

In some communities, there is one man for every 10 or 12 women.

Carefully laid plans for retirement can be destroyed. "How do you tell your grandchildren that you have AIDS? As the spread of the virus among older people shows, they behave similarly to younger people, including indulging in high-risk behaviour such as injecting drugs and unprotected homosexual sex.

HIV and AIDS in older people disproportionately affects Florida, where Mrs Schuler works, because it is the US's favourite retirement destination.

She says that older women are particularly at risk.

There are many more women than men in retirement communities.

In the US there are an estimated 114,000 people over 50 who have been diagnosed with AIDS About 10 per cent of all new infections are in people older than 50: a quarter of those among those older than 60.

The annual rate of all new infections in the US has remained at about 40,000 for more than a decade.HER nickname is the Condom Grandma, even though for most of her life Miriam Schuler talked about sex only to her husband and her doctor.But nine years ago, Mrs Schuler, 87, decided to do some volunteer work in her community in Fort Lauderdale, Florida."You are talking about men who don't get the word 'no' very often," he says. They have extended men's sex lives and raised issues that did not exist 10 years ago.Mr Campbell says that Viagra has changed the dynamics of some older couples' relationships.Even though she knew almost nothing about HIV and AIDS, Mrs Schuler decided to give it a go. Then she started going to health fairs and stalls set up by the program. "Then one time the supervisor was testing people for the virus, so she needed me to talk to the public," she says. I am a grandmother and when I was raised, (sex) was very private. I mean, I have four children, but I've never spoken about it.

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