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Every man she ever knew, from Carl Sandburg to her hairdresser, saw her as a totally different person than the other men who thought they knew her, too.Place a photograph of her as the seductive love god­dess next to a picture of her wearing horn-rimmed glasses, a babushka and no make up, seriously intent on a lecture about Russian authors.

She can flutter her lashes with delicate femi­ninity, but she's not at all helpless when it comes to earning her own living.

How to develop her and still enjoy all the other women bottled up inside the Geminian person­ality may create a problem.

I can tell you that one Gemini girl equals several women.

Now, don't let this put you out of the market for a Gemini woman.

Remember you're getting at least two for one, and that's indisputably a bargain.

But a woman can't very well swing all that, or she would be considered a little freakish. When she finds someone who's appropriately creative, who's at home at the ballet or in the literary world, the duality pops up again.

Right in the middle of a stroll through the museum, her other self will begin to wonder if he's practical enough to make a living or if he has enough common sense to know where he's going.I trust you're beginning to have a more sympa­thetic understanding of the conflicts peculiar to those born in June. Shell usually manage to keep her be­wilderment at her own complex character to herself, and not burden you with it. Most of the time (when the mood is on the up-swing), she'll sparkle with a vivacious personality, amuse you with her clever, witty remarks, and converse intelligently about almost any subject under the sun.She enjoys all the senti­mental gestures of romance and has no trouble making conquests.It's hard to get her to settle down long enough to take passion or anything else very seriously.Her mind is always traveling, and she keeps up a pretty good running commentary simultane­ously. Somewhere, hidden among the several women who make up one Gemini female, is a romantic one-one who is capable of intense passion, if you can manage to make the mental, spiritual and physical blending complete.A Gemini woman can play the giddy party girl to perfection, flattering a helpless, trapped male right out of his mind and his bank book.

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