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A motorcycle taxi will perform the same function for around 150B as will a motor-tri-cycle taxi (sam-lor) for a similar price.From this pier taxis will take you into the town for 100B.

The motorcycle taxis and private taxis are the same price and can be flagged down anywhere.The Song-thaew is found outside the 7/11 convenience store on Maharat Road, the road with Vogue shopping centre on it.There will be a few people calling out 'Ao Nang' from the road side who will usher you into the right bus.There is also a public bus service to Krabi Airport at 150B per person.Alternatively you can take a private taxi for 600B, and this will take you to anywhere in Krabi.This service can be collected on the roadside nearest the beach in Ao Nang.

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    Viele Tipps zu Anbau und Pflege gibt die neue Kräuterbroschüre. Frischobst und Frischgemüse haben sich im vergangenen Jahr sowohl mengen- als auch wertmäßig besonders gut entwickelt.