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The scene is narrated by an interview with the children's Arabic teacher, who claims: 'They will move on to do physical and military training until they get older and pound the thrones of the tawaghit.With Allah's permission, they are the next generation.

Although recently Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi recently said he was looking to franchise the organisation in different Muslim countries.

They are the ones who will shake the earth and spread this precious deen (religion) to all regions of the earth.'One of the Kazakh children, who gives his name as Abdullah, is asked in an interview what he is doing.

The boy replies: 'I'm training in a camp.' When quizzed about what he will do in the future, Abdullah chillingly declares with a smile: 'I will be the one who slaughters you, O kuffar (non-believer).

Entitled 'Race Towards Good', the video was produced by the terror group's main media branch, Al Hayat Media Center.

The dialogue in the video interchanges between Kazakh and Arabic, with three sets of subtitles including English.

'Teaching the foreign fighters Arabic is very important to them as they want to be able to win hearts and minds of the people in their core target areas.

The reason they are training children, is the same reason the like of Hamas have been training children for the past 20 years.We were raised on the methodology of atheism, and Allah's refuge is sought.'The boys are shown sitting in a group and are all wearing matching camouflage fatigues.One of the boys shows off his ability to strip apart and reassemble a machine gun whilst the other boys watch on with little interest.The video claims: 'Meet some of our newest brothers from the land of Kazakhstan.They responded to the crusader aggression with their hijrah and raced to prepare themselves and their children, knowing very well that their final return is to Allah.'One of the Kazakh fighters said: 'These brothers made hijrah recently and they're now in training camp.A Kazakh cleric is shown sitting in the classroom, where he tells the camera what it means to be a Kazakh in the Islamic State.