Lindy booth dating

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To spread some holiday cheer to everyone, we’re throwing in an ...Learn more and enter There's no doubt that if you want to, you can find enough ice to fish on this weekend.

Read Browsing through a stack of old magazines, I came across a few “Ice Team Reports” from the late 90’s.

These systems range in size from less than 100 acres up to massive fisheries like Minnesota’s famed ...

Read No, I wasn’t surprised that almost every shallow lake I looked at on Saturday was ice covered, that wasn’t any big news.

Things are developing fast though, and we've already had some inquiries from anglers who want to get out and do some early reconnaissance.

By the end of our day today; we’ll have some better statistics about ice thicknesses, maybe even an early fish report.

learn more When portly yellow perch are on the bite, flashy ice fishing favorites such as Lindy’s legendary Frostee Spoon and Rattl’n Flyer Spoon are hard to beat for attracting and triggering hungry jumbos. Read Now that the weekend has passed and you’re back to work, conditions for hoofing it to the ice hole are shaping up to be almost ideal.

Only a couple of days ago, the idea was to find a spot or two where anxious anglers could take a walk safely.

I wasn’t even too surprised by seeing larger, deeper water lakes like Splithand, Shallow and Moose covered with ice either; but Pokegama, seriously? Read "I have been looking for a new sonar for ice fishing that has GPS.

I noticed you included the Hummingbird Ice Helix 7 on your fishing report on Thursday.

Read As cool weather finally cloaks lakes around the Midwest in a welcome sheet of ice, anglers eagerly gear up for their first hardwater forays of the season.

On the walleye front, shallow, fertile, first-to-freeze lakes offer some of your best chances for early winter hookups.

Read "Saturday December 10th was the official freeze up on Bowstring Lake.