Maite perroni who is she dating

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Maite perroni who is she dating - Webcam boys

Former RBD singer Maite Perroni reportedly found herself a new man.

That I care more than a ring and a white dress." "I define myself as a satisfied woman, full of illusions, living to the fullest, enjoying life", said the singer, "I am very quiet, nothing showy or ostentatious, you don't even notice I'm in the room." "When I sing I surrender completely," she claimed. When I have the opportunity to move from place to place I do it, I make decisions, I'm not afraid.Maite has kept her intentions on the down-low and is already planning to tie the knot to her musician boyfriend Koko Stambuk.The report says that Perroni wants a private ceremony in a Mexican beach.In 2016 she won the Premios TVy Novelas of Best Actress of the Year for her work in Antes muerta que Lichita.In 2009 Perroni was named "the new queen of the telenovelas" by Univision.According to the sources, the preparations for the wedding are advanced, but there is no date set yet.

Anahi's wedding is to take place in the month of April, but will Maite beat her down the aisle?

Some weeks ago, it was reported Perroni was dating a spiritual guide, but the actress denied the rumors.

"No, those are opinions that they make without knowing.

The rumor is from an alleged close source to the singer and actress.

They say Perroni got the wedding bug after her former "Rebelde" co-star announced she was planning to wed her boyfriend.

However, not so long ago, Perroni confessed she enjoyed being single, although she would love to start a family someday. I have received incredible support from the public," said Perroni.