Msnbc news feed not updating

10-May-2016 16:29 by 3 Comments

Msnbc news feed not updating - thedatingspot com

But the quality of the substance and content of the "news" has greatly declined. Lots of articles are presented as fact when they really are just opinion.

My search for a high quality balanced national news outlet begins. BTW: I will be sharing this position with some CNN sponsors.

As any business caters their culture to where the money and future is; it seems that the liberal bias has crept into CNN's DNA and culture.

I may be old fashioned but I still believe national news outlets need to be balanced and neutral in their coverage.

It's over now and we should now move forward and make the best of the results and CNN should be leading the way.

Continuing to point out the many divisions that exist with polls designed to reinforce negativity will only make things worse.

The alerts I've been getting on the app report on the many polls that you have been conducting designed to put forth negative and divisive opinions.

I did not want to see either Trump nor Clinton elected but had no viable alternative choice.

Of course there are unhappy people right now, but your constant pointing it out is making it hard for all of us to move forward as Americans.

Give democracy a chance and report on ideas that will bring us together. The App usually worked fine except it can be slow to refresh and the changes in formatting sometimes creates confusion in navigating.

I am writing to express my surprise of the lack of neutral and/or balanced reporting of the presidential election process these past few months.

I happen to be a true "vote for the best candidate for our needs" voter/citizen.

The goal of CNN seems to be emotional rhetoric designed to capture headlines and readers, not presenting the reader with solid based even handed reporting.