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Jon Benet's parents were the initial focus of the investigation, but they maintained their innocence and said an intruder must have committed the crime.No one was ever arrested and the little girl's murder remains unsolved.

Advertisement - story continues below “I want to believe (de Jong),” Dave Holloway said in the interview with CNN, “but I don’t want to get myself into a situation where I put all the marbles into this story and then it doesn’t pan out and then I’m in a situation mentally where it’s going to take a while to get over so I’m just cautiously watching and thinking, ‘How does this story fit in with what he is saying?

“I thought ‘Oh my gosh,’ and then I started digging more and more into it.

I’m thinking maybe there’s something to this.” Advertisement - story continues below As for how much he’s been able to act on the lead, Holloway said that Aruban officials are blocking him yet again.

Dave Holloway, the father of missing teenager Natalee Holloway, told interviewers he believes recently uncovered eyewitness evidence surrounding his daughter’s murder to be credible.

The comments came after the recent revelation by Jurrien de Jong, a man who said he witnessed suspect Joran van der Sloot carrying Holloway’s dead body out of a construction site the pair had broken into.

He said that he and Twitty have a special friendship based on tragedy.

Ramsey's wife and Jon Benet's mother, Patsy Ramsey, died last June of ovarian cancer at the age of 49.As for allegations from the Marriott that there was no construction during that time, Dave Holloway says he can personally attest to that being untrue.Advertisement - story continues below “I can tell you for a fact.I was there on June 1, and there was definitely construction in that area.June 1, 2005, because it was all chained up,” Holloway said. “I mean, your child is off in a foreign country and you want to bring her back home, and I’ve got the means and the ability to go down there and check and do it, and if I’m willing and able to do it, then I always will.” Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you support the Holloway family’s quest for answers.'” As for the credibility of de Jong’s story, Holloway says that he had a voice lie detector test administered by a private investigator.

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