Nonmembership girl video chat

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Nonmembership girl video chat

This suggests, at least, that non-membership has not held Norway back.Norway runs its own armed forces inside Nato, and had its own policy on the Iraq war.

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But you can say 'no' to Brussels any number of times and you will still be forced to hold more referendums until you say 'yes' - often with the help of some of the most unfair voting rules outside North Korea.

After last year's Copenhagen summit, when the poor nations of Eastern Europe were clubbed and bullied into accepting wretched and humiliating terms for entry, Norway saw an EU stretching from the Atlantic to the Russian border, immensely powerful and rich, while they alone - a tiny country of fewer than five million people - remained outside.

The only other refuseniks were Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland. Did Norway really want to be an outsider, like Belarus or Turkey, when everyone else was in the cosy embrace?

Its supreme court is in Oslo, not Luxembourg, where ours is.

Its monarchy is not menaced by a European president and its flag doesn't have to fly alongside the EU's yellow stars.

It makes its own laws, keeps its own currency and sets its own interest rates.

It is a real nation which controls its own destiny.

You'd think that leaving the European Union would be like jumping off the edge of the world, the way British politicians talk about the subject.

They mutter darkly - though I won't specify any of the Prime Ministers involved - that some critics of the Brussels paradise secretly want Britain to quit.

In the 30 years from 1971 to 2001, its gross domestic product rose by 177 per cent.

Denmark, which has been in the EU for much of that period, increased its GDP by 75 per cent and the UK, which has been in the EU almost the whole period, saw an increase of 98 per cent.

It was interesting, when I met pro-EU types in Norway, that none of them claimed that their country would have been better off if they had joined up in 1972 or 1994.