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On the other hand, legitimate exploit development aims to test and design these exploits for research and development objectives.The main purpose of many legitimate exploit developers is to discover unknown vulnerabilities and to uncover unreported bugs.

Many data security companies and Web privacy organizations develop vulnerability databases.This greatly helps them in the efficient development of solutions like bug fixes, security patches and updates to their products, device settings, and network configurations.Most of these vulnerability and exploit repositories are online and offline servers with custom file or source code sharing and content management platforms.These are mostly online or offline repositories that contain bugs and vulnerabilities in a large variety of widely used software products, digital tools, and electronic equipment.Many of these groups share these repositories among themselves, to expedite the discovery of untested vulnerabilities in new or updated platforms, built-in digital tools, third party software products and hardware devices.This means they can prevent their products from triggering errors or exceptions in their target Windows systems.

Simply put, exploit development is the process of creating an exploit.

An exploit is designed to take advantage of certain vulnerabilities in software products, hardware devices, digital tools or electronic equipment.

These exploits are software codes or command sequences that can cause computer networks, standalone digital devices, other software products and electronic tools to behave abnormally.

Exploit databases are on the other hand mostly file and source code repositories for newly discovered and existing exploits found in certain platforms and its built-in tools, third party software products, and electronic equipment.

These databases allow developers to download, revise or reverse-engineer and execute these exploits in their own testing environments.

Other types of vulnerabilities are also found in this repository, which mainly stores these pieces of information using SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol).