Package keywords needs updating

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Package keywords needs updating

EPUB is a registered trademark of the International Digital Publishing Forum.

It is meant to be read and understood in concert with the other specifications that make up EPUB 3: A resource that contains content or instructions that contribute to the logic and rendering of at least one Rendition of an EPUB Publication.

Identifiers The following example shows how the complex title "The Great Cookbooks of the World: Mon premier guide de cuisson, un Mémoire. The IDPF maintains an informative registry of specialized EPUB Publication types for use with this element at attribute defines the statement being made in the expression and the text content of the element represents the assertion.

This specification defines two types of metadata expressions that can be defined using the express a value that is at least one character in length after whitespace normalization.

process the Package Document as defined in Package Document — Reading System Conformance, and honor all presentation logic expressed through the Package Document (e.g., the reading order, fallback chains, bindings, page progression direction and fixed layouts).

] video codecs, but this is not a conformance requirement; a Reading System may support no video codecs at all.

This section defines conformance requirements for EPUB Publications and EPUB Reading Systems at the Rendition level.

Conformance requirements particular to specific Publication Resources and processing contexts are located in the specifications referenced herein.

This work is protected under Title 17 of the United States Code.

Reproduction and dissemination of this work with changes is prohibited except with the written permission of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).

In the absence of this resource, the EPUB Publication might not render as intended by the Author.

Examples of Publication Resources include a Rendition's Package Document, EPUB Content Document, EPUB Style Sheets, audio, video, images, embedded fonts and scripts.

The following list summarizes the information a Package Document contains: This specification makes a distinction between the Unique Identifier for an EPUB Publication and the identifier that uniquely identifies a specific version of it (i.e., to be able to differentiate different versions of the same EPUB Publication).

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