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Pam continues to take steps towards self-improvement by enrolling in art school, standing by Michael on his business venture and starting a family with Jim.

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After her jubilant acceptance speech, Pam drunkenly kisses Jim full on the lips in front of everyone, an event which has not been discussed or acknowledged since.

Pam was later banned from all Chili's locations for sneaking drinks from other tables.

There are a few instances in this season in which tensions between Jim and Pam run particularly high, for example, when Jim misinterprets Pam's innocent suggestion that he should pursue another job far from Scranton Despite their disagreements, their friendship remains relevant.

Her self-confidence begins to grow after she calls off the wedding and is left without Jim in the office.

She finally gets to experience being on her own, and although she still misses Jim, it gives her the opportunity to discover herself as the funny, kind-hearted woman she is.

Pam is unenthusiastic about her job, showing a passion and talent for art as early as the Pilot.

She states in a talking head interview that, "I don't think it's many little girls' dream to be a receptionist" and comments that she would be unfazed if she were let go; however, when Michael mock-fires her, she breaks down.

The real turning point in Pam's personality, however, takes place in the episode Beach Games (third season).

In this episode Pam is the only one to successfully complete Michael's fire walk, symbolising the courage, strength and confidence she has finally found.

It is clear from early in the series that Pam and Jim are very close friends; they are frequently found chatting and devising pranks to play on Dwight.

While she does appear cognizant of the fact that Roy is not Jim's favorite person, Pam seems to be oblivious to Jim's romantic interest in her throughout the first season, and either ignorant or in denial of her own for him.

Pam is seen being uncomfortable with Jim's relationship with salesgirl Katy, which began in the Season 1 finale "Hot Girl" and extends into the second season.

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