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Recently, California's San Diego Zoo that holds number one position for rhino breeding in the world had sought two male rhinos in return of a rhinoceros and a baby rhino for genetic pool variation under exchange programme.

Situated on the banks of the River Ganga, has a history which goes back well over two millennia.Sanjay Gandhi Botanical and Zoological Garden of Patna also known as Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik udyan Patna is situated on Bailey Road in Patna is one of the most happening place in Patna.People come here for getting knowledge of the nature and to know about the different type of animals and to see them.Buddhist sculptures & terracotta figures Special attractions include the famous Didarganj Yakshi of the 3rd century B. It has a unique collection of Jade, Chinese paintings & Mugal glass & silver filigree carvings.Bihari women generally carry over this school of folk painting from generation to generation.An international centre for Buddhist studies also functions here.

The Chinese traveller Hieun Tsang who came to Nalanda as a student in the 7th century AD has left extensive description of the university.

Patna Zoo is the main dating place for youngsters in Patna.

Many People come here in the morning for the morning walk so this is also important as a place to come for healthy living and doing yoga.

Sanjay Gandhi Zoo in Patna today holds a distinct place at international level for its rhino population and has earned acclaim for its breeding techniques.

The innovative techniques being used for rhino breeding at Patna zoo have been appreciated worldwide.

Machhali Ghar (Fish Aquarium) Saamp ghar (Snake house) and many types of birds are very famous among the visitors.

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