Poem dating married man

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Poem dating married man - dating sites for 16s

"'E wants you out of the way Of 'Im an' 'Er an' It(An' 'is road to 'is farm or the sea),'E wants to finish 'is little bit, An' 'e wants to go 'ome to 'is tea.

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The bachelor will miss you clear To fight another day; But the married man, 'e says "No fear!My best friend in this world is a married man who I love dearly.I respect his situation but will always wonder what it would be like to have just one day in his wife's shoes. Before you are quick to judge, I am not looking to break up a marriage.Now just gotta keep floating through the rest to see which others i like. Again, thank you for reading and understanding Dee Availea : I'm glad that things worked out for you in the end. Blessed Be & Brightest Blessings, Sarah AKA Lady Dragon Wolfecatz : Thank you for your comment and concern, Winbow...Ps Consider yourself a good writer, i think that you are. Nicely done and I hope all is well between the two of you..: Thank you for your kind and compassionate comment, Sarah. I hope that everything keeps going well, and I'm sorry you had to feel all that pain. and things are fine between us as they always have been. we're together, have a place of our own, are very happy and his 'wife' has accepted our relationship and doesn't really care.I'm happy to be able to say that our circumstances are very good now. The old questions have been answered, we're happy together in love and friendship, through thick and thin We've been together for more than 10 years and it just gets better I wish you as much happiness as we have.

Dee : Awesome poem i have been in the same situation for the past 20 years its not easy. He gets all his work done but then goes to her which is the hard part.

I only want to express the feelings I have locked inside.

Hi Christelle, You have very nice and sweet poem that express people feeling who experience the same thing.

Keep your good work an for sure will waiting for your poem in the future.

The only thing different between me with others that I fall in love with a guy who attached with his girlfriend for 3 years already.

he says he loves me only i'm the one who brings him joy but would it be different if he found another toy for years we've been together we've lived through thick and thin a man who opened up his heart and finally let me in my life on earth was lonely before he came along he brought me love and laughter even though it was so wrong i don't know why i love him so except to say he's mine as near as any man can be with a wife on the other line he thinks she knows nothing but us women always know it's that womans' instinct and the pain begins to grow if he could be just mine alone without her presence always near would i ever totally believe the words of love i hear when he'd go to work each day and leave me home to ponder whether to believe him now would this heart start to wonder sometimes i wish i didn't love this man so i could go on with my life never have to feel the pain when he goes home to his wife together in our hearts we are with understanding and love we sincerely care for each other though not sanctioned from above perhaps if we could start over in another place, another time our love could be blessed by god i'd be his and he'd be mine part of me wants to make him go and part wants him to stay someday we'll have to break it off and each go our own way for he wont break the ties that bind the chain that holds him so she wont let go no matter what ...is it him that wont let go by Dee Garner August 4, 2002As I recall, this was either the first or second contest I entered after joining allpoetry in October 2001.

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