Preparing or updating a will

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Preparing or updating a will - united kingdom dating websites

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I’ll list the scripture and my interpretation of it, but it is what you think that matters.

If you’re unsure about whether or not God wants you to prepare, read this section over and pray about it. Genesis (NIV) God has just tasked Noah with building an arc big enough to fit two of every animal.

Not only does Noah need to get the supplies to build the arc and then build it.

He and his family had to grow, hunt, harvest and store all of this food.

Surly an all-powerful God could have just filled the arc with manna once it was built, but he specifically told Noah to plan ahead. This is the story of Pharaoh having a dream that only Joseph is able to explain.

He also has to get enough food for all of the animals and for his family. Noah couldn’t run to Costco and buy a few bags of rice and some canned beans.

He couldn’t order some freeze dried food from the net.

Sometimes living a preparedness lifestyle means we do have to cut back, even when things look like they might be okay.

This is because you never know when the next drought or famine will be.

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I am willing to bet that there wasn’t celebrating during those seven years of surplus.