Rachel bilson and hayden christensen dating again

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Rachel bilson and hayden christensen dating again - dating gigolo mak

Because I know this is press stopping news, I simply had to pass along the Rachel Bilson’s representative has moved quickly to dismiss a report suggesting the actress and her “Jumper” co-star Hayden Christensen have ended their on/off romance for good.

I find it so odd that Rachel and Hayden are never, ever seen together in public (except for the occasional pop-up once or twice a year) and yet are so adamant about making sure that people know they are together. I can totally understand why a celebrity couple would want to keep their relationship quiet and private — I can even commend a couple for being successful in that endeavor. But it doesn’t make much sense to me why a couple who doesn’t seem to care about being seen as a couple would insist that the world know they are together. Related Story: Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Engagement Is OFF!A source tells that the two are very much back together after sightings of Hayden leaving Rachel’s home in California. Related Story: Rachel Bilson Takes it to the Beach With Family According to reports, the two decided to split up due to the distance.I’ve always found the romantic affiliation between these two strange …

Can’t remember the last time I wrote about either of them. Full Story Rachel Bilson is now on Instagram and showing off Briar’s Star Wars kicks. Bilson and Christensen have been together 5 years now, at one point engaged, with a six month break last year. Full Story Rachel Bilson is what you call filler content on a blog between articles.A photo posted by @rachelbilson Full Story Apparently today is the day for me to get sickly-sweetness stuck in my throat from all the fairytail-y goodness going on. And then quickly engaged, as you do when you’re famous these days. I’d never lead with Rachel Bilson because, obviously.It makes you pray for the utter depravity that is Scandal. Full Story Hayden Christensen was seen entering Rachel Bilson's house shortly after she arrived home yesterday. But it's enough to show, yet again, that the two have reconciled after calling off their engagement. 25 really doesn’t last forever, for girls and for boys. Dylan says it’s democracy at work, that women aren’t the only ones who lose their cheekbones at a certain age.In August 2010, after words spread in mid-June that the couple were taking a break from each other, a representative for Rachel came forth with the announcement that the former star of “The O.C.” and her actor fiance have indeed called off their engagement. He was Robert Pattinson back then – the goodlooking star of a mega franchise that didn’t exactly showcase his talent.