Sccm direct membership collection not updating

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Sccm direct membership collection not updating

The next step is to create a group and a collection.In Active Directory Users and Computers, create a new security group.

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{}; if (!By linking applications to security groups, you can move software deployment tasks to Active Directory.This will save time as you do not have to jump between MMCs as often, and you can easily delegate app management.Configuration Manager relies on a variety of discovery methods to detect security groups and their members.

Launch the Configuration Manager console and navigate to Administration/Hierarchy Configuration/Discovery Methods.Head back to the Configuration Manager console and navigate to Assets and Compliance/Device Collections. For standardization, name your new collection the same as your security group. In the screenshot below, my APP_Adobe Flash Player collection is limited to All Desktop and Server Clients: Create Device Collection Wizard On the Membership Rules page, select Add Rule – Query Rule. Because you likely won’t have multiple query rules, you don’t need to get very specific with the name.Under Edit Query Statement, select Criteria and Add (star button), and then press Select.For easy reference, I like to prefix any application deployment group with APP_ .Copy this group name, as you will be pasting it quite a bit in the upcoming steps.Linking security groups to SCCM deployments will give your environment flexibility with application installations.

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