Selected value not updating

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$('select').material_select(); $(document).on('change', function(e){ $('#live').text("\n Using JUST jquery...[ ...n ] ) ] } | @table_variable } SET { column_name = { expression | DEFAULT | NULL } | { udt_column_name.{ { property_name = expression | field_name = expression } | method_name ( argument [ ,...n ] ) } } | column_name { . ] table_name SET { column_name = { expression | NULL } } [ ,...n ] [ FROM from_clause ] [ WHERE Specifies the temporary named result set or view, also known as common table expression (CTE), defined within the scope of the UPDATE statement.

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To String("c"); } /* // original shipping cost this.l Shipping. Object Instance = obj2 End Sub End Class When the Window first loads, the bindings hook up fine. took me more than a week to resolve this small fyn. No errors were being thrown, it just wasn't storing the values! Public Class My List Object Private _mylist As New Observable Collection(Of String) Private _selected Name As String Public Sub New(By Val name List As List(Of String), By Val default Name As String) For Each name In name List _mylist. Add("Tim") obj2 = New My List Object(namelist2, "Tim") odp = Direct Cast(Me. Solution: So, try to set Selected Index using Selected Value via Converter like this: C# code //Converter public class Selected To Index Converter : IValue Converter { public object Convert(object value, Type target Type, object parameter, Culture Info culture) { if (value ! It seems like Content would be a sensible default for Selected Value but perhaps it isn't? Add(name) Next _selected Name = default Name End Sub Public Read Only Property My List() As Observable Collection(Of String) Get Return _mylist End Get End Property Public Read Only Property Selected Name() As String Get Return _selected Name End Get End Property End Class Class Window1 Private obj1 As My List Object Private obj2 As My List Object Private odp As Object Data Provider Public Sub New() Initialize Component() Dim namelist1 As New List(Of String) namelist1. Add("Steve") obj1 = New My List Object(namelist1, "Steve") . Find Resource("My List Object"), Object Data Provider) odp. = null && value is Your Type) { Your Type Your Selected Value = (Your Type) value; Your Selected Value = (Your Type) cmb Downtime Dictionary. The Binding Mode needs to be One Way To Source or Two Way since the source is what you want updated. I have been working on this issue for a few hours now and it's really eating at me.

When I use the combination of Materialize/j Query and Vue JS, to makea select, and then I try to select the desired value, Vue JS isn't updated to reflect the new value that is selected.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Msdn Web site. However, when I click a button to switch the Object Instance to obj2, the Combo Box Items Source gets populated correctly in the dropdown, but the Selected Value is set to Nothing instead of being equal to obj2. Problem: The Combo Box class searches for the specified object by using the Index Of method. =null && value is int) { return Your Type Collection[(int) value]; } return null; } } Is it reasonable to set the Selected Value Path="Content" in the combobox's xaml, and then use Selected Value as the binding? The Combo Box contains the names "Joe" and "Steve" and "Steve" is selected by default. Index Of(a); //Your Type Collection - Same as Items Source of Combo Box } return null; } public object Convert Back(object value, Type target Type, object parameter, Culture Info culture) { if (value! Handle Page Error( ex ); } } here is whats happening, if i select any of the shipping options the shipping is not getting updated, it always shows the default shipping cost which is 7.95, where am i making a mistake, can some one guide me please i appreciate it.