Serena wiliams dating

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Serena Williams is reportedly dating Alexis Ohanian, the millionaire co-founder of Reddit, despite the fact that rumors (as recently as yesterday, in fact) had detailed that the tennis ace might be pregnant with Drake’s baby.

Diddy rather then with Serena their relationship was over.

However, Serena ultimately lost to 32-year-old Italian Robert Vinci in the semi-final, which was one of the biggest shocks in sporting history.

Once again, Drake was in the crowd when Serena Williams lost in the hugely surprising manner.

Lonnie Rashid Lynn whose stage name is “Common” dated Serena Williams for two years.

This hip hop recorded artist, poet and actor is also an author of the album The Dreamer and The Believer.

They started dating while he was still married to Clarisse Mouratoglou with whom he has two kids.

He has worked with a lot of famous tennis players as well and the moment he started to train Serena Williams she has won almost every match.

SW: Show him images from magazines and Pinterest that you think would look nice on him, but more important, make sure that you like who he is as a person. I'd hate for him to fit into a mold or to blend in with the other guys.

SW: First you need to identify where the self-doubt is coming from.

What he particularly likes about her is her determination to work really hard and be even better.

Check out also boyfriend lists of Maria Sharapova, Tyra Banks, and Venus Williams.

” These rumors regarding Ohanian and Williams dating are rather surprising, considering the amount of speculation that had been previously linking Serena with the rapper and singer Drake over the last few months.