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In 1637 the Surveyor General of Customs issued a report compiled from accounts of customs due from each port and their "subsidiary creeks".

The slightly skewed street pattern of Coleraine's town centre is legacy of that early exercise in town planning, along with traces of the lines of the ramparts that provided the Plantation town with its defences.

When Patrick arrived in the neighbourhood, he was received with great honour and hospitality by the local chieftain, Nadslua, who offered him a piece of ground on which to build a church.

The spot was next to the river Bann and was overgrown with ferns, which were being burned by some boys to amuse themselves.

Carlingford and Coleraine each had £244 customs due and had equal ranking.

During the War of the Two Kings (1689–91) Coleraine was a centre of Protestant resistance to the rule of James II.

This incident led to the area being called Cúil Raithin ("nook of ferns"), which was later anglicised as Colrain, Colerain and Coleraine.

It was translated by Colgan into Latin as Secessus Filicis.Coleraine is situated at the lowest bridgeable point of the River Bann, where the river is 90 metres wide. The University of Ulster campus was built in the 1960s and has brought a theatrical space to the town in the form of the Riverside Theatre.The town square is called 'The Diamond' and is the location of the Town Hall. Coleraine has been designated as a major growth area in the Northern Ireland Development Strategy.In 2002, Coleraine won the Best Kept Town and Ulster in Bloom awards.In 2003, it was selected to represent Northern Ireland in the prestigious Britain in Bloom competition.Disposable income is well above the Northern Ireland average.