Surf dating

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You get to sunbathe without being moaned at, have salty kisses on tap and beach holidays become a regular thang. Yeah, he’s chilled out, but when it comes to making the most out of the day he’s on dawn patrol for sure. A trip to Quiksilver or the nearest surf shop and you’re done– he’ll always need something to add to his growing collection. On second thoughts, if you get tired look who's going to wade in and save your arse... Is there anything sexier than a man who knows how to handle himself in the wild?? Doing a beach clean with his mates so that birdies and fish can have a plastic-free sea. He doesn't need a crazy life plan, he just needs waves and his woman.If you don't have a wave chasing hottie in the vicinity then we suggest you up sticks to Bondi. Here's 20 reasons why dating a surfer is like winning the god damn boyfriend lottery. Paddling out again and again does magical things to his biceps and we’re not complaining. All that bobbing about waiting for a wave, jumping on it and then watching it fizzle out to nothing? #simplepleasuresarethebest This article was written by Lareese Craig follow her @Lareese Craig What are you saying? Tweet us @sofeminine UK You might also like: Manly Vs.

He or she will probably encourage surfing to deal with difficult situations instead of complaining about your hours in the ocean.

It’s fun to try different boards every now and then.2.

Surf Trip Vacations When it comes time for a romantic couple vacation, you both have waves on your mind.

Chances are if you’re dating a surfer you’re gonna need to give it a whirl yourself. They’re basically an advert for St Tropez all year round. His life revolves around surfing, which makes Bali and Australia his dream destinations for vacay.

But don’t worry he’ll be there every step of the way.

There’s no need to compromise or skimp on your surf trip to make your significant other happy.

Chasing waves will be your top priority and lying together after a good surf session will be so much sweeter.A partner who surfs understands your deep connection with the sport and will want you to be happy by surfing more.4.Growth A partner who surfs will help you to improve your own surfing in and out of the water.He or she can give you insights and advice on how to get better surfing.Out of the water, you can work out together, do yoga, eat healthy, and encourage each other, which will all directly help your surf game.5.Surf Dates Surf dates will become your favorite dates and breakfast after dawn patrol will be so much better when you talk about your session with the person you love.