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Solr provides a Simple Faceting toolkit which can be reused by various Request Handlers to include a "Facet counts" section within a search response.

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It can be particularly useful for numeric range based facets, or prefix based facets -- see example below (i.e.

This default, equivalent to Solr4.10 Another supported form of faceting is “Interval Faceting”.

This sounds similar to “Range Faceting”, but the functionality is really closer to doing “Facet Queries” with range queries.

For text fields that include stemming, or lowercasing, or word splitting you may not get what you expect.

If you want both Analysis (for searching) and Faceting on the full literal Strings, use copy Field to create two versions of the field: one Text and one String.

Make sure both are Limits the terms on which to facet to those starting with the given string prefix.

Note that unlike fq, this does not change the search results -- it merely reduces the facet values returned to those beginning with the specified prefix.

Use of faceting does not affect the results section of a search response.

The Search Handler uses these utilities via the Facet Component, which supports the parameters listed here.

may be a better choice because it reduces the overhead of building the cache structures on the first request and/or warming queries when opening a new searcher -- but tends to be somewhat slower then This param indicates the minimum document frequency (number of documents matching a term) for which the filter Cache should be used when determining the constraint count for that term.

This is only used when A value greater than zero will decrease memory usage of the filter Cache, but increase the query time.

The last gap specified will be used to fill out all remaining gaps if the number of gaps given does not go evenly into the range.

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