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But Michele insists Greg was far more important to her alive, than dead. ” Peter Van Sant asked Michele Williams.“I miss his blue eyes,” she replied. Michele Williams [crying]: I couldn’t even look at him. I took some Clorox wipes -- I use Clorox wipes all over the house. I wiped the gun with the blanket that he had right there. Then I had to figure out what the hell to do at that point ...“No matter what was going on with anything else, when Greg was here, everything was OK.”Everything looked bright in Michele Williams’ future in October 2011.“We were about to close on a house in two days,” Michele said. I opened the door and put the gun by the door.“She actually said, ‘Oh, my God, Greg shot himself ... make this look like a crime scene so Makayla won’t think that her dad shot himself,’” Laura told Van Sant.

” Van Sant asked.“I believe there’s a very good possibility that she was.

Gone is that inviting smile of this once-proud mother.

To understand Michele Williams’ journey from wealthy suburban housewife to murder suspect at the Tarrant County Courthouse, you have to go back and look at her tangled history -- which has soap opera written all over it.

Greg and Michele had a 4-year-old daughter together, Makayla.

And Greg already had a daughter, Taylor, 14 at the time, with his ex-wife.

And with many men, including Greg Williams, her tactics seemed to work.

“He bought her whatever she needed, whatever she wanted. And he treated her like gold,” said Michelle Fletcher.“Did you feel Michele targeted your brother once she realized he had money?” Van Sant asked Michele.“I say that’s an absolute lie,” she replied.And her older son, Lee O’Brien, says his life as a kid with his mother was madness -- involving strip clubs and many men.“When my mom was doin’ dirty stuff for money and I was sorta just tagged along,” he said.“Dirty stuff?” Van Sant asked Taylor.“Yes sir,” she replied.“He was the most amazing man. He took really good care of me,” Michele told Van Sant. I don’t believe you,” Michelle Fletcher said with tears in her eyes.“Why would Michele ever want to kill the goose that’s laying the golden egg?“We were very happy together.” Michele says everything was going great until that night it all happened.“My mom called me and she said, ‘Michael are you home? She said, ‘Bill wants to talk to you’ -- Bill being my stepfather -- and Bill said, ‘You know, your brother is dead,” an emotional Michael Williams said.“... ” Van Sant asked Strickland.“I think maybe he was just tired of layin’ the golden egg,” he replied. It’s just so bad -- I couldn’t let her know that her daddy killed himself.If she wasn’t getting paid for it, I know she was sleeping around,” said Lee.

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