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In exchange for protection against Siam, Malacca became a vassal state to Ming China.To ensure Malacca's safety, a new and powerful kingdom was founded by the Sultan of Samudra-Pasai.

After the visit of the Chinese Muslim Admiral Cheng Ho in the mid-15th century, contact between China and Malacca intensified.

According to the 16th century Malay Annals, the city was founded by Parameswara.

Some believe it more likely that he was a Hindu prince and political fugitive from nearby Java.

Malacca (Malay: Melaka) [1] is the capital of the state of Malacca, on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.

Visiting Malacca is a unique experience with a rich historical and cultural background from previous Portuguese, Dutch and British rule.

It was believed that such fortifications could withstand the encroachments of other European powers eager for a slice of the Asian luxury goods trade.

An alliance between the Dutch and the Sultanate of Johor Bahru saw the loss much of Malacca's power.

The legend goes that Parameswara was out on a hunt in the region and had stopped to refresh himself near what is now the Malacca River.

Standing near a melaka (Indian gooseberry) tree he was surprised to witness one of his hunting dogs so startled by a mouse deer that it fell into the river.

Malacca had a navigable harbor sheltered by nearby Sumatra across the narrow straits.

The location was supplied with an ample quantity of fresh water, enjoyed a prime location relative to the shifting monsoon winds, and had a central location in regional trade patterns, all of which soon made it a prosperous trading town.

The city centre was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in July 2008, along with Georgetown, Penang.[2] Before the arrival of the first Sultan, Malacca was a simple fishing village inhabited by local Malays.