Unmoderated chat rooms for adults

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Unmoderated chat rooms for adults

As reported by a Houston, Texas TV station, men were posting sexually explicit photographs while chatting about sex with underaged girls.Once the news hit the air, the heat started beating down on Yahoo!

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Over the millions of years we have been on this rock technology has grown by leaps and bounds but socially were are still in the dark ages.

, as clients such as Pepsi and State Farm pulled their advertising due to the issue.

State Farm spokesman Phil Supple said, “We were thoroughly appalled when we were told that our ads were appearing on those sites.

has never pretended to be a breaking new site so stop complaining about it!

I can see these people in history class: “This happened over 200 years ago! ” – by tired of saying it Chat rooms are all poop anyway.

I mean, seriously, how many young kids want to talk about sex with old men?? Chat rooms should be regulated in the exact same way conversation in your living room, in your church, in your mosque, in the pub, or on the street cornor. chat,but have used other chat rooms and know you can give out sexually explicit photos by clicking on a link. chat rooms have room operator's so they can ban or kick these type of predator's for the room's.

I Find it hard that people can actually set up a room for children and leave it unmoderated unattended while predator's expose them to porn.

Blocking out adult sites and things is all very well, but it's just encouraging more ways we can set up protection without having to take an active part in our children's lives.

What's stopping you surfing the net with your children, or stopping and telling them about the big bad world?

Chat user rooms in the past week.” Read more on this topic from The Electric New Paper and CNET. , although it didn't really have much of a choice. Not that this kind of stuff should be tolerated in any way, shape, or form, but isn't this unfortunately commonplace on the Internet? I question if any children actually went to those rooms.

Most likely, those rooms were filled with old, fat men wanking off to each other.

Its bad enough when adults act like children in adult chat but exposing children to things they shouldn't I think Yahoo!

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