Updating aol is for crap

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The name of the AOL version appears in the blue title bar above the AOL Toolbar.You can also find the version by clicking Help in the AOL Toolbar, then clicking About AOL. AOL customers with high-speed connections can download it in just a few minutes.

Once the download is complete, the installation process for AOL 9.0VR will automatically close your current AOL program and ask you to restart your computer. AOL 9.0VR will install itself in a completely new folder, but will copy settings from your previous version.If you already have an AOL screen name, your use of services provided by AOL using that screen name is already govern by the AOL Member Terms of Service.To learn about AOL's privacy practices for when you use AOL 9.0VR, please read the AOL Member Privacy Policy.If it doesn't -- or you need to find the 9.0 Setup program for some other reason -- here's what to do: Is 9.0VR Compatible With Accessibility Software?AOL 9.0VR is accessible and optimized for use with the JAWS screen-reader.But worse, when replying to an email using the reply function, after 10 or 15 key typing, Aol disconnect and disappear from the screen!

This do not happen if writing directly (not replying).

Unless you were using AOL Open Ride or AOL Suite software, your AOL mail folders, favorites, Address Book and Buddy List® feature will all be accessible from your 9.0VR software, and the AOL icon on your desktop will now launch AOL 9.0VR.

If you have multiple old versions of AOL installed on your machine, you may want to remove some of them to free up space.

Ever since, I encounter several trouble using my Aol 9.7 desktop.

In fact, when starting my computer, Aol won’t open unless I restart the computer as mentioned on the error message.

For users on XP, there is no need to upgrade to 9.0VR at this time, as AOL 9.0 Security Edition SE provides a comparable experience.