Updating mirrored walls

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Carolyn Bannister initially purchased an investment property, the living room was cramped and impractical.Due to modest condo dimensions, the prior owner was unable to figure out proper furniture placement.

In order to keep the bold, warm orange wall color cohesive with the entire room, Carolyn added custom throw pillows to the gray flannel sofa in different shades of orange along with blues, greens and white.Mirrored walls are often used by interior designers to make a room feel larger and to help increase the amount of usable light in a room.They may not, however, always be appreciated, especially if you purchase a home that has them pre-installed, or if you just grow tired of looking into a giant wall of mirrors."I said that I wanted the condo to feel like a warm, welcoming, well-done home and not a stereotypical rental," says Carolyn."From color on the walls to furniture selection, I wanted to make sure it would be a place anyone would be proud to call home." When Dr.Taking the mirrors down and refinishing the wall behind them can be a complicated task.

Instead of going to that much effort, you can update your mirrored walls by adding drapes or decals, or by placing furniture and other items against that wall to hide the mirrors.The medical professional comments, "Buying the condo seemed like the best of both worlds: Students and residents could afford a great-looking, temporary home less than a mile from campus, and I could generate extra income." Soon after closing on the condo, a co-worker of Carolyn's showed interest in it, then instantly signed up as a renter.Knowing that she'd soon have the property occupied, Carolyn quickly consulted with a local designer to make selections and recommend contractors who could bring the space up to date.From the start Carolyn was intent on replacing the dated wall-to-wall carpet with engineered hardwoods and adding architectural interest to the fireplace wall.Carolyn turned the cozy living room into a warm, relaxing space for tenants to snuggle up by the fireplace, watch TV or simply enjoy conversation with guests.Keeping the space warm was one of Carolyn's major concerns with the redesign of her rental property.