Vb net progressbar not updating

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Vb net progressbar not updating - Chat nud

If you don't have this database at your machine but still want to test it, you can send me an e-mail and I will arrange the same for you.

As soon as the record with the matching criterion is found (I am searching for 'Country Name' here), the Company Name attribute is read from the table and is appended to the list box control; then I move on to the next record (through ).This process continues until I reach the EOF (End of File), where I must terminate the processing (the progress bar must reach 100%).The progress bar calculates the number of bars required to fill itself entirely, by means of the Min and Max properties.The Timer will notify the CPU from time to time instead of making it engaged all the time.Even if the Timer will be computing with the help of the CPU, the aliter approach will be better.The code will require a little modification all over. Despite of this, if you find the updating clumsy, either remain stuck to the original code or do let me know about it (and we will work around it).

As I already said, I have used Microsoft Office's default database, Fpnwind.mdb, for this example (340 KB).

This will tune up your application for the optimization.

This technique is useful because, as soon as a blank loop is encountered, the CPU goes into a dark room, doing nothing but waiting for the loop to finish execution.

I hope the code example shown here will give you an insight into the Progress Bar Control.

I believe that (keeping this example in mind) you will be better able to use this control in your applications in an effective and productive manner.

If you use the former version of the query, the progress bar will fill up very fast and you probably will not be able to view the practicality of the progress bar.