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Of course, many more fun things happen, but speaking selfishly…

Martin), Barry’s guardian, now believes in Henry’s innocence, which will lead the duo to join forces in this week’s episode, “Crazy for You.” It seems like Henry’s been keeping a low profile in Iron Heights thus far, but in this week’s episode, he gets a beatdown after trying to help Barry and Joe; how does that affect him going forward, beyond the immediate physical implications?

I read the script and I said “I’ll be…” It’s just amazing.

They have found one more interesting way to come at this.

The fun thing about this episode is that now that I know that Joe [believes me] …

that was a bit of a testy moment, when Joe admitted that he knew that I did not kill my wife.

I’ve been very gratified because the fans talk about the “major feels” whenever there’s a scene — also between Joe and Barry – but between Henry and Barry.

One of the reasons is that they don’t write the same scene every time. Either Henry’s defeated and Barry’s trying to pump him up or Barry comes in after The Man in the Yellow Suit, defeated, and Henry’s telling him to be strong. It addresses and goes to the issue, does Henry recognize his son?There’s no other way that they can write the heart to heart, father/son moments,” but they keep surprising me.Even given the additional benefit of not being through the glass, there’s another heart to heart.This week, Shipp is filming alongside “Star Wars” veteran (and fellow ’90s “Flash” alum) Mark Hamill, who is reprising his original role as the Scarlet Speedster’s nemesis, James Jesse, aka The Trickster.(Spoilers ahead.) We won’t see Hamill on screen until the 17th episode of “Flash’s” freshman season, but spoke to Shipp about reuniting with his former costar and what’s ahead for Henry now that his son has come face to face with the man responsible for murdering Barry’s mother, the Reverse Flash — who, unbeknownst to Barry, is actually his STAR Labs mentor, Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh).What’s been amazing to me so far is we’ve had four father/son heart to hearts through the glass.

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